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Tony feeding the monkeys!














Tony played tour guide for me again, the man needs to do this for job seriously! He has been so great!

First stop was the last remaining Jingjiang Mausoleum/Tomb in the area. There were once 13 but the rest have been dug up. It’s really so beautiful! Tony found us a tour guide and listened to everything she had to say before giving me the whole tour himself, our cab driver even joined us for part of it. I have never ridden so many kinds of transportation in my life as I have the last several days! Admittedly Tony’s scooter is my favorite lol but I have also taken cabs, buses, and one very interesting cab (I think) that was a motor bike with a carriage on the back…no idea what it is actually called lol

We then went to Seven Star Park. I think Tony was very amused when I freaked out about the wild monkeys roaming the park. I had to explain that I only see those in zoos! So ones roaming around and being fed by people is just so different for me. The park is really beautiful! There is a large hill called Camel Hill, apparently Clinton gave a speech in front of it back in the 90s and there is a small monument commemorating it. We also climbed one of the peaks in the park, braving more monkeys, but what a view! We spent several hours walking the park before we were both tired and in need of showers, and I needed to return to the hotel so I could be ready to go out with Warren and his wife.

Movie night, China style! Warren and his wife took me to the movies. Before you even question it, yes, there were subtitles……and the whole movie took place in LA and SoCal lol it was hilarious! It was quite fun to see how another country views American stereotypes! I have to say they have us pretty well pegged on quite a few things. The fun double takes when the lights came up at the end of the movie when a few people noticed there was an America in the theater was a little amusing too. We also had a delicious Chinese hotpot dinner before the movie. I am going to miss the food here!

Tony and I are having one last lunch today before Warren and his wife take me to the airport. I am going to miss all of them very much! I have made great friends that I plan on visiting again for sure. Though I think I am going to try to learn some Chinese before I come back so I don’t need quite so much babysitting! I know I have made friendships that will last a long time. I am so glad I came to Guilin!

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