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We sipped our coffee outdoors this morning.

While Marilyn fixed our coffee, I went outdoors to set up the chairs under the awning.

The first ting I noticed was a deer on the road beside our RV.

It was a doe and she bounded into the brush when she spied me so close.

I set up the chairs while listening to the turkeys nearby.

Marilyn brought our coffee outdoors and, as soon as we sat down, we noticed six turkeys walking down the road just below our Site.

They climbed the hill and passed by right behind our RV.

Once the coffee was gone, we completed our chores and then Marilyn fixed breakfast, trying to provide me with enough nourishment for a walk.

Sure enough, she handed me a pedometer and we were off for a trek down the highway.

We passed a pasture where several horses were grazing and the younger horse seemed to be very friendly. He galloped up to the fence, where we spoke to him but continued walking.

The horse followed along from his side of the fence, so Marilyn walked up to the fence to pet him. Unfortunately, we had nothing in the way of sugar cubes or even an apple, to offer our new friend, so he watched as we continued down the road.

He did a repeat of his friendly performance when we passed on the way back to the resort, but we kept walking. It was nice though and I wished we had permission from the owner to bring him an apple.

We completed two miles and I had to admit that it felt good to get some exercise. I sometimes get into “Sloth Mode” but Marilyn does her best to keep me going. LOL

Around noon I fixed a nice lunch by grilling portabella mushrooms topped with garlic, tomato, and cheese. Marilyn fixed corn-on-the-cob and we decided that we had all we needed for a meal. Tasty and healthy.

New neighbors came in today. I moved my truck to give them more room to position their RV, waited until they were set up and disconnected from their truck, and then I moved my truck back where it was.

Marilyn & I sat outdoors for awhile but moved indoors as thunder boomed across the mountain.

It never did rain but we were comfortable, with Marilyn working on the cross-stitch project while I finished the book I was reading.

While it was another nice day in Colorado, we continue to be concerned about our family and friends back in Missouri, as the rain continues where they are already in flood conditions.

Please keep these good people in your prayers, and never forget, that Life is Good!

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