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Cafe Garden at Mendocino

Fire Hall

Savings Bank

Presbterian Church

Inside Visitors' Centre

Visitors' Centre

Store in Mendocino

Iain in Garden between Stores

Blair House - Angela Lansbury's (Jessic Fletcher) home in Murder She Wrote

Arch Rock where we had lunch

Birds where we had lunch

Mendocino Headleand where we had lunch

Mendocino across the bay

View near Anchor Bay

Beach near Anchor Bay

View near Manchester

After breakfast we headed northwards to a small village called Mendocino. If the name means nothing to you, you may remember Cabot Cove, he town in Angela Lansbury's "Murder She Wrote". Mendocino was the real life Cabot Cove where scenes for the programme were filmed.

We drove up the coast with a critical eye contemplating if this is the route we should take on Friday to join the 128 over to the 101 or the road we took yesterday south and join the 101 further south.

We parked on the main street of Mendocino and strolled past the stores. While it is an interesting village, it does not have the substance of Carmel, to which the guide books compare it, and contrary to their assertion, it was full of tourists. It did not quite have the character of Ferndale which we visited last week, and certainly the inhabitants did not show the same old fashioned courtesy that we discovered there.

We went into the visitors' centre where two helpful people only served to confuse our decision about Friday's route. We are still undecided. the centre did have interesting exhibits and it was the home of general manager of the local lumber company at one time.

We walked further and found the Blair House, the home that served as Jessica Fletcher's in Murder She Wrote. We returned to the car and drove round the headland to where we could see the ocean and have our picnic. It again provided views of rocks and the power of the waves. We also observed many birds some of which we recognized and some that we did not. There were groups that looked like baby penguins that we have yet to identify.

We did a loop which brought us back to the main street and the visitors centre where we used the facilities before heading back towards our campground. We stopped at a few places where we could get a view of the ocean, though the turnouts were rough and some very small. At one of them a couple drove in and recognized our accent asking if we were Scottish. They were English from Cornwall and here for a friend's wedding in Sonoma and were trying to see as much ion a short while as possible.

We returned to the campground and had our usual routine of preparing dinner enjoying coffee and clearing up before settling in for the night.

Tomorrow we will not go far, but refuel the truck (hopefully at less cost that yesterday) and start to pack up ready for leaving on Friday.

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