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Monday morning, I started teaching a class on Educational Psychology at the Alliance Graduate School here in Manila. I have been coming here as a guest professor every other year for about 10 years. Well, actually, the first time I was attending as an assistant to my prof at New Orleans Seminary, Allen Jackson. Normally, I teach youth ministry courses, but, Anne, the director of the program, now directs Christian Education as well and needed me to teach a CE class, so...that's what I'm doing. Unfortunately, Educational Psychology is not a class we teach at Golden Gate. There is content from the course that I teach in other CE classes, but assembling the entire class has been a real challenge. I am working every night to try to get ready for the next day. It is only Thursday and I am pretty tired.

The students are awesome. I have a youth ministry student who is taking the class as an elective. Also, a couple of students from Pastoral Ministries. Most of the students are actively engaged in ministry and have deep experiences. We even have one student who is an Arch Bishop in the Apostolic Catholic Church here in the Philippines. He brings a very unique perspective to the class. These guys are a little less likely to ask questions or bring up points of discussion than I am used to. But, yesterday, I had them doing presentations of specific material related to approaches to education. It was awesome! They were well-prepared and gave thoughtful, creative reflection to their presentations. Honestly, they are glad the presentations are over, but it was a great class session.

Yesterday one of the students referenced the fact that I am so well prepared when I come into class. Gosh, I hope they don't figure out that I am kicking like crazy just to keep from going under water on this one. Please keep me and the class in prayer as we head toward the end. Yikes! I still have to write a final.

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