Colin's 10 yr. old trip out west 2015 travel blog

First view of the Grand Canyon at Desert View

The watchtower at Desert View

The Grand Canyon

Our Grand Canyon selfie

an Elk with huge antlers at Grand Canyon

Setting up camp at Navajo National Monument

Our picnic table

Riding my bike around the campground

Sunset over the monument


After packing up camp, we headed to the Grand Canyon. It actually took about an hour to get there.

Once inside the park, we stopped at the first scenic overlook, Desert View, for my first look at the canyon. It's pretty awesome. Grandpa and I climbed the watchtower designed and built by Mary Cooley.

From there, it was still 25 miles to the visitor center. Then we had to look for parking--the RV parking lot was full so we drove through every parking lot at the Grand Canyon and finally found a space that would fit the truck and camper at the very end. We spent more time looking for parking than we did seeing the canyon! Luckily, there are shuttle buses that go everywhere. We had a picnic lunch at the Backcountry info center (for people who wanted to go hiking in the backcountry--so we were WAY out there). We hopped a shuttle bus for the visitor center.

There, we looked at the displays and saw some more of the Grand Canyon and we got our passports stamped. Next, we hopped on the shuttle and went to Market Place where I got my pressed penny. And then we rode the shuttle back to the parking lot where the camper was. We saw some elk along the way.

By 3:30pm, we were back on the road. The Grand Canyon was pretty awesome but there were too many people there, it was really hot and how many times can you really look at a canyon??

We didn't know where we were going to camp but we headed east toward Four corners. There weren't a lot of options so we were hoping that the campground at the Navajo National Monument near Kayenta would have spots. It turned out to be a really nice spot so we camped there. There weren't any hook-ups but we did OK with the battery and propane. I got to ride my bike around camp too. The sunset was beautiful and when it was dark, we saw a lot of stars.

Mu favorite thing about today was seeing the Grand Canyon. We drove 228 miles.

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