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Day 25 Genoa

Friday 19 June 2015

Big day folks! Big day!

Cerys and decided to check out Genoa on the south coast of Italy. We knew it was a port city, popular with cruise liners....but that was about it. So have rental car, will travel! Cerys and I plugged Genoa into the find it for us thing in the car, and voila! Follow the arrows!

The drive was fairly quick....Genoa is 150kms away and the autostrasse has a 130km limit....but the problem with the road is that you can't see what you are driving past! The guard rails all sit at eye height, and there is little sightseeing to be had unless it's up high - such as when we came through the alps!

Anyways last forty kms into Genoa was interesting due to the heights involved! Mountains meeting the sea! And some pretty views to admire and photo if quick enough!

Once in Genoa, the next issue was parking like all Italian cities...you can't park anywhere easily. The streets are congested and the parking is totally ridiculous! At one stage I found a street bay, but I was concerned that the local "park by feel" approach could be injurious to the hire car. Yesterday a car waiting in queue at the toll gate started rolling towards the Citroen. All I could see was imminent air bag discharge. Luckily on about my tenth honk he hit the brakes! Missed by that much!

Anyway, I didn't want parking people to bang into the car that Avis will be quite cross about, so we circled and circled and finally found a parking area through a gate, then through a car park and through a gate on the far side, and then down a drive, and through a locked gate into a small gravelly carpArk, where no one was going to hurt the hire car.

Once that was sorted, Cerys and I went up the main drag of Genoa! Good coastal vibe, but not much to see, so we decided to do the double decker bus tour......which never arrived....so we walked and walked....then saw the bus....so we ran and ran...and did I mention we sweated and sweated?

Once on the bus, we did the drive around town, past amazing arches, churches, a castle, the ocean front / port and aquarium. It was quite good, and many photos taken yet again!

Once the tour was done we were into later. Afternoon, and decided to head back to Milan - in the afternoon peak hour.

Once we got past the continuous line of trucks, and hit the open autostrasse, we made some distance from Genoa, then decided to take some country roads home.

We trundled through the countryside through alessandra, and other small towns, but notably parvia. By this time....9pm we were very hungry. We tried to find parking in the town, but after circling endlessly, we decided to try for parking on the outskirts of town.

Because we have been majorly unimpressed with out meals in Italy,I quipped to Cerys that "wouldn't it be lovely to stumble across the first red rooster franchise in Italy".

A fair way out, we saw a large venue off the road, with a large carpArk which was pretty full. The place was called BEFed, and the sign outside said it was a brewery. Youths welcomed each other quite affectionately out the front, and loud music thumped from within. We nearly left, thinking it was a special club or something.

But we were hungry so we entered to check out the menu, as we were starving and had no better offers to consider.

Inside, we found a lone star restaurant crossed with a nandos! We ordered a whole chicken and chips each (cooked the nandos way) and loved it! Needed it! And loved it again!

Most appreciated meal of the trip!

Anyway, happily fed, we headed back to the highway for the trip into Milan!

Great day but so so tired!

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