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This blog is about the upper Central Coast. (aka Green Gables) The...

Route 6 along the Central Coast

Lots of farm equipment on PEI roads

Great farms with cool barns

Bright dandelions blanket the fields. Looks like yellow carpets.

A little harbor along Route 6 just before entering the Central Coastal...

The road into White Sands Cottages and Campground. That white stuff is...

Found a dry enough spot to park.

Road to the seashore

This is thick ice

Waving from the cliff above

Green Gables home.

Sitting room



Little creek along the "Lovers Lane" referred to in the book

JC taking a break

PEI National Park

The buds are very purple at this stage

Caught a shot of this fox on the way to North Rustico

North Rustico Lighthouse

The golf course is adjacent to the Green Gable land

The Central Coast is quite different from the North Coast. The North Coast area is flat and with fewer forests. Once you get to Kensington (located at Route 2 & Route 6) about the middle of the island, the terrain gets hilly and is heavily forested with seawind swept pines. The cliffs along the shoreline are spectacularly red and rugged. All of PEI is a beautiful experience, but I think the upper Central Coast is really special. This area is also know as the Green Gables Shore and is part of the protected coastline in the PEI National Park.

It was an adventure to find White Sands Cottages and Campground. It is located between Cavendish and North Rustico. We called about 5 days ago to confirm that they were open. The answer was yes. Well, that was a stretch. They had just started mowing the grass. It was a challenge to find a spot with power and the ground not too soft. We managed, but it was a little nerve wracking. The power, water and wifi were all working by the evening.

We needed to get out and stretch our legs. The weather was really nice, so we decided on a walk to one of the beaches in the PEI National Park. We ended up at Cape Turner which is a really nice picnic area. It was not as close as it looks on the map. In this area most of the side roads are red dirt/sand. We encountered snow, ice and ooey, gooey mud. It was a great walk though. The coastline is spectacular.

If you are visiting this area, you can’t miss visiting Cavendish and the Green Gables Historic Sight which is the setting for Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beloved Anne of Green Gables novel.

A drive out to North Rustico follows the beautful coastline. We stopped for a bite to eat and walked the fishing marina.

I am still under the weather, but JC is doing great. I encouraged him to go and play a round of golf at the Green Gables Golf Course. I got some rest and he had a challenging day at a course that was still recovering from a severe winter and high winds.

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