2015 Texas Trek travel blog

First sight this morning

Site 64 is flooded

Winnie got her feet wet

Water level is approaching our new "high" site

Tide started to flow out and the waters receded

Getting ready to move

Turn off the water

One of the Park personnel tuning off the sewer lift station that...

Anybody for a cookout?

Weather radar at 8:30PM 6/16

The Marvellette's said it best. The storm that was out in the Gulf turned into Tropical Storm Bill overnight. When I woke up and looked out the window it looked like we had used up about 6 feet or so of the 5-7.5 feet of the buffer. The water level was up to the Fit door sills and Winnie's tires were covered (bottom part thank God). A Park Host knocked on the door and suggested I move the car so I did, and then I unplugged Winnie and moved to one of the "high" spots in the center of the park. Once we moved, the tide started to run out and the water began to recede. I think we'll be okay with water levels until tomorrow. The wind has been the problem most of the day. Winds are 25 - 30 mph with gusts into the 50's. Winnie was rocking and rolling and groaning all day. I just hope there is no serious damage to the awnings. Looking at the NOAA weather radar for the area it looks like the worst of the storm has moved inland. In retrospect we should have left this area yesterday even though everyone I talked to wasn't too concerned. We're here for the duration now because it's too windy to move Winnie across the high bridge. Stay tuned.

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