2015 Texas Trek travel blog

Red wing blackbird chasing a white heron

Spoonbills on the wing







Spoonbills feeding



Great blue heron


Every one has cleared out before the storm

Relaxing on the deck

Another gorgeous sunset at Matagorda

Not sure what the green lights are for on the pier

Only the hosts are left on the other side of the park

We made the 30 mile run into Bay City today to get the Fit tire repaired, pick up prescriptions, and do some grocery shopping. We managed to get 2 out of 3 completed. The tire could not be repaired because the damage was too close to the side wall. Can't tell exactly what punctured it. Unfortunately Walmart did not have the Michelin tire I wanted in stock so I ordered a pair for delivery tomorrow which means I need to drive back to Bay City to get the tires mounted. As the title of todays post indicates we are preparing for a significant rain event tonight through Wednesday. There are coastal flood advisories posted from north of Galveston to Port O'Conner which is south of where we are located. They indicate that water levels could be 4.5 to 5 feet above normal at high tide tomorrow and Wednesday morning. Our site is 5 to 7.5 feet above high tide. We've got a little room to play with. When I was taking pictures of some of the water birds this afternoon, I spoke to a Sheriff who stopped to warn me about rattle snakes that come up on the roadway when the water levels start to rise. He didn't think there would be any evacuations, but said they would warn us by PA if there was need.

Tonight was laundry night. The laundry is in the second level of the office building. There a nice deck with table and chairs. We sat on the deck enjoying the breeze and sunset while we waited for the laundry. The washing machines were new high efficiency models, but they took for ever to wash a load - an hour and 20 minutes. The dryers took another hour. Sue got tired of waiting so headed back to Winnie while I waited for the loads to be done. It rained on and off while I was waiting, but by the time all was done the sky had cleared. I'm hoping we escape the worst of the rain, but the satellite pictures don't look good. Stay tuned.

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