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Camping Panarama

Our pitch for one night unfortunately. It was beautiful

I hated to leave this beautiful pool with its view.

This was the view about a mile from our campground

This is a happy vineyard

It seemed like it would be a lovely area to explore

Wednesday, June 10th.

The next morning at 11 am Alix came to the park to escort us overland to the garage. Obviously, we had been reading too many, spy adventures and mysteries because after about 20 minutes of driving narrow country roads with no other traffic in site I started to close the windows and lock the doors. Alix knew we had the cash to pay for the tires as the garage wouldn’t accept a credit card. I flashed the lights and we stopped.

Alix got out of his vehicle and Bill asked him how much farther. Just a few more kilometers was the reply. So off we went. I was determined to turn around if a town didn’t appear soon.

One did and we both exhaled.

In no time at all we had 4 new tires. The front driver’s side tire was beginning to separate.

The one person who spoke English, was from West Africa. It was a typical Italian garage apparently one worker-the boss and 4 supervisors. Bill said it seemed like it was the only thing happening in town that day because there were about 8 men who wandered in at different times to shoot the breeze.

Upon request they also installed 2 new windshield wipers. We had to backtrack to the highway and with less tension in us, we were able to enjoy the beautiful countryside we had driven through on our way to the garage. Rolling hills covered with a patchwork of farmers’ fields.

Needless to say, Bill was breathing a lot easier now on the highway. We knew we couldn’t make Venice by nightfall so we had to pick a campground along the way.

The campground we had decided to reach was not easily found. Richard hadn’t been informed of road closures and was insisting we continue on when we couldn’t. We finally had to turn him off because rather than recalculate, he kept insisting for us to turn around and take his route. Eventually he saw reason and we continued on to find a delightful treed, terraced park situated beside a National Forest preserve.

Its name was “Camping Panorama” in Pesaro. The pool sat on a high terrace overlooking rolling hills planted with olive trees and vines. Breath taking scenery. It was unfortunate we could only spend one night here but we had a deadline to meet. Before we left we were chatted up by a couple from the Netherlands who were staying across from us. We had a few laughs comparing travels then we were off.

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