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Our site at Sherling Lake Park

Hank William's boyhood home

Some museum items

More museum items

Window treatment than hung it Hank's Nashville home

Memory Quilt

Block mentioning the birth of Hank Jr.

The historic marker

Georgiana Rail Car

The Jack Daniels Distillery Tour Building

Another view

The burn house where charcoal is made


"Jack on the Rocks"

Tree bark turned black from all the fumes coming from the Distillery

The Single Barrel Room

The Courthouse in Lynchburg, TN

Lynnville Depot

Engineer Bob


Passenger Car

Passenger Compartment


another car

another car

and finally another car

When we booked our reservations for Sherling Lake Park for two weeks we knew we might have trouble finding things to do there but since we don’t like to travel on holiday weekends it seemed to be the best option. It turned out that we spent our time enjoying the peace and quiet the campground afforded; even Memorial Day weekend wasn’t busy. The campground doesn’t have a pool or other activities for kids so it is not really a place where young families go for their camping adventures. We had a very nice site with a huge shade tree that helped a great deal considering how HOT is was there. There really isn’t much to do in Greenville; plenty of restaurants but limited shopping places. We did find a large indoor flea market and checked that out twice.

One day we took a short trip to Georgiana, Alabama to visit the Hank Williams, Sr. Boyhood Home and Museum there. I think we were the only visitors that day but we were very pleased with the museum, it was very well done with lots of memorabilia lining the walls; it was a boarding house when Hank (Hiram) and his family moved there in 1931 when he was 7 years old, they lived there for 4 years and it was there that Hank got his first guitar and learned to play. There is actually a Hank Williams Trail in Alabama highlighting places where he lived and performed through out his short career; he died in a car accident when he was only 29. Georgiana is a very small town but it has kept Hank William’s memory alive and has a large music festival there each year, we were a week too early for that.

Our next stop on the way north was the Birmingham South Campground in Pelham, Alabama where we stayed for 3 nights. It is one of our usual stopping places and we have been there several times. Our friends, Kip and Elsie live nearby and we usually visit with them while we are there. This time they were off to Colorado to visit family so we were left to entertain ourselves those few days. We found plenty to do exploring the area and checking out several of our favorite antique stores.

We then stopped at Texas T Campground in Cornersville, Tennessee for a few days. It is a favorite stopping point for many of our “snow-bird” friends on their way North because it is very close to the interstate and has all pull thru sites so they don’t need to unhook their tow vehicles. It is a very nice campground with relatively new owners, really nice friendly people, Jim and Pat; it was a pleasure to stay there. Pat gave us all kinds of info about the area, places to go and things to see.

We took a day trip to the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Lynchburg is about 30 miles from Cornersville but by way of one of those country roads that I always seem to find us, the trip took almost an hour. Our GPS refused to tell us if we were going the right way so it made the trip seem much longer, it showed where we were but it kept indicating that it was recalculating, apparently we were in a “dead zone”. Lynchburg is a quaint little town, the downtown area is a square made up of a few small restaurants, antique stores and gift shops specializing in Jack Daniels souvenirs surrounding a 100-year old courthouse. The Distillery is a huge operation; every drop of Jack Daniels that is sold around the world is produced in Lynchburg. The tour was very informative and the history of Jack Daniels was interesting. There were no samples on this tour and that was ok with me. When we were at the Jim Beam Distillery a couple years ago I embarrassed Bob by commenting on how yucky the Bourbon tasted.

Another afternoon we decided to take a drive to Lynnville, Tennessee where there is a railroad museum, it turned out that the museum was closed but we were still able to tour an Engine, a passenger car and a caboose parked at the depot. We also ran into an unexpected treat, the Nashville British Motor Car Club was having a rally and several cars were parked right on the street in front of the train station.

As many of you know we have an old motorhome and sometimes things breakdown, this can and does happen to newer motorhomes also. Bob is very proactive about the maintenance and when he noticed that we might have a problem with the water pump he decided to have it checked out before we hit the road again. Finding a repair shop that is willing to work on a motorhome in a large area is hard enough but in Cornersville there was only one choice, Cornersville Auto and Diesel. Bob called on Friday and explained the problem to Donnie Elder, a young mechanic who had just recently taken over the business. Donnie said we could bring it in on Monday morning and he would take a look at it. So instead of leaving on Sunday as we planned we delayed our departure a couple of days. Bright and early Monday morning we took the motorhome to the garage and Donnie and another mechanic got right on it. This left us homeless for a few hours but Donnie and his wife Sheri, who runs the office, were so nice they made us feel right at home. Lucy and I spent about five hours in the air-conditioned waiting room visiting with Sheri and several of her friends who stopped by while Bob chatted with other guys and watched Donnie take our engine apart, replace the water pump and put all the parts back together again, it was quite the job and we were very pleased to be able to get the repairs made with so little inconvenience. Monday night we stayed back at Texas T and hit the road Tuesday morning for our next stop.

Our trip to Cave Country RV Campground in Cave City, Kentucky was uneventful just the way we like it. This is another very nice campground; it is close to the interstate and near the Mammoth Cave National Park. We should find plenty of things to do here in the next week or so.

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