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The XFC is an international event

These helicopters do what helicopters aren't supposed to do

This is 12 year old Tal from Israel.

Kal, (the little one) is eleven years old. Already a crazy good...

Kal fetching his own airplane. The older guys had people to do...

Helicopter pilot Jamie is a senior citizen at 21 years of age

"Smoke on" low inverted flyby

This pilot and crew are trying to beat the incoming storm

knife edge pass on the edge of a thunderstorm

This group is the "Camp AMA" attendees this year. They spent a...

The Winnebago getting fitted for new shoes

6-12-15 XFC (Extreme Flight Championship)

Got up very early and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I brewed coffee and decided to do some RC night flying. There was plenty of wind which makes flying in the dark challenging. It takes some getting used to.

Went to Starbucks to check email and added to the journal. Was back at the AMA field in time to do some RV chores then go to the XFC (Xtreme Flight Competition).

This contest features extreme 3D style flying for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. The event is international and pilots are invited and come from Puerto Rico, Canada, Israel, and the USA. These pilots are the best in the world at this type of flying. They are also very young. One is eleven, many are under 20 years of age with the old man of the group being an ancient 27. This is high energy, very fast, low flying with constantly changing aircraft attitudes. It takes excellent equipment, great eye hand coordination, fast thinking and keen vision. Most people over thirty can’t fly with these guys.

The flying was excellent, especially under the conditions. There was high winds, often crossing the runway, and later in the day we got thunderstorms.

I ran into a couple of RC buddies, Neil and Dean from Anchorage who came down just to see this event. It was nice talking with them between the action.

I took advantage of the rain break to make my escape and get new tires for the Winnebago, propane, gas, and water (in and out). Returned to the AMA field in driving rain, wind, and thunder. Looks like there will be thunderstorms all weekend for the XFC. Hope they can get breaks to continue the event.

I will be pulling out early in the morning to drive 1200 miles in two days. Gonna be fun I’m sure.

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