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Friends united after 20 years!

Stockholm harbour

Stockolm harbour

Narrowest street in Stockholm

Palace Guards on parade

After a liquid lunch

Clean city

High School students graduation day

Dressed up garbage can

Famous Swedish soccer player from the 1950s - Lennart Skoglund or "Nacka"

The home of Greta Garbo

The Vasa

The Archipelago by steam

Stockholm Archipelago - or is it Georgian Bay, Canada?

Stockholm Archipelago

Tony & Karina

Lunch in style on the 100 year old steamboat - note arm...

You would be grumpy too at $14 per beer........

The end of a wonderful weekend!

Our 4 days in Sweden were splendid, especially spending it with Ian’s good friend from the UK, Tony and his wife Karina. We had a fantastic few days with lots of laughs, accidents (see below) and socializing. It would be an easy place to transition to from Canada with its waterways, trees and rocks, and the fact that English is spoken everywhere. We visited a world-class photographic museum and the 17th century ship Vasa that sank on its maiden voyage in Stockholm harbour, was recovered intact in 1961 and has been perfectly preserved. We wrapped up the weekend cruising on a 100 year old steamboat through the archipelago east of Stockholm.

We have now moved to the Auvergne region of France on the Central Massif, which is a volcanic region with fantastic hiking.

Notable events this week:

• When 2 guys who used to cycle to the pub (and then back after a few beers), get together on bikes after 30 years, bad things are likely to happen. They did. We collided, Tony went down and dislocated his shoulder.

• Tony’s first question to the doctor was “Can I drink wine tonight?” He did (We did). As a result, we felt “dusty” Sunday morning. Hard to sleep in though with the sun rising at 3:30 a.m.

• Stockholm is one of the most “livable” places we have ever been with an unmatched waterfront and easy going lifestyle.

• Every purchase in Sweden led to sharp intakes of breath followed by a shuffling in the pocket to get twice as much cash out as you thought you needed. Most notable example – 2 (small) beers for the equivalent of $28.

• Sweden has the highest number of McDonald restaurants per capita in Europe! Go figure.

• The Vasa is the most remarkable oceanographic artifact we have ever seen………by far (see photos).

European trivia

Every week we will give you a trivia question, with the answer given the following week. Remember, no Googling!

Last week: What is the association of blue jeans with the city of Nimes?

And the answer is: Jeans are made out of the “Material of Nimes”………….De Nimes or DENIM!

This week: With which song did ABBA win the 1974 Eurovision song contest?

Until next week,

Liz & Ian

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