Our beloved sister in law Donna Triden, an inspiration

Here we are at the centeral coast

our site 37 in the woods

more of our site

our daughters gave Rebecca yard inspiring garden decorations

on the RV preserve, plenty to do

landscaping and decor i s nice here

just a short 100 yards from us to the seaside

tide is going out and rough seas today

tide is going out and rough seas today

old town Nye Beach area

And Nana's Irish Pub, yummy and fun place

Next day, relaxation and enjoy our new gas campfire.

After nearly two weeks of taking care of "family business" after the death and memorial of our beloved sister-in-law, Donna Triden. It is good to get to the quiet. We love family and we like being around them.

The relatively short drive of 110 miles north on I-5 to Corvalllis and over the coastal mountains to Newport is an easy-breezy drive. Heck, we were checked in, set-up and going to dinner before we knew it. Several years ago we found this cool little pub, Nana's Irish Pub in old town Nye Beach at Newport. Oh man, it's such a nice little place to have authentic Irish food, beer and ambiance.

Our stay of three weeks is going to be full of relaxation, crafts, reading, fishing (for Dave), walking, etc. But mostly quiet, relaxation.

Thanks for coming along, check in from time to time to see what we've done...

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