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Malmo, Sweden

Off the Coast of Malmo


Sarah and Lily


Sheep Dog working the Sheep

Ale's Stones

Ale's Stones

King's Tomb--Closed

The Turning Torso in the background

This Crow would hardly wait for us to finish before he began...

I met Joel several years ago on a discovery trip to Northern Europe. The truth is, I was pretty bored by the trip. Lots of long meetings with pastors from different regions. No one really knew why we were in Northern Europe. We wanted to find out ways we could meet needs in this region of the world, or develop partnerships. The pastors weren't sure what we wanted from them. After one meeting, Joel asked me if I'd like to join him for his pre-teen club that night. I jumped at the chance to be around kids. I begged off of the third or fourth meeting of the day and went with him to share fika and a Bible study with a hilarious group of kids. Had a blast. Joel and I have kept in touch ever since and his basement is starting to feel like a home away from home.

I introduced my parents to Joel and his family earlier on the trip--before the cruise, but I came back to Malmo just to hang out with him for a couple of days. Joel and Sarah have three amazing kids--Lily, Levi, and the baby Aston. Together, they are a non-stop action. At one point, Sarah commented that she was sorry for all the noise. I told her I loved it; it was kind of like watching a circus. Joel laughed and told Lily what I had said--she is just beginning to learn some English. She looked at me with unbelief and asked, "Did you really say our family is like a circus?" When Joel translated, I nodded. I hope I didn't give her too much offense. I suspect she will remind me of that comment in years to come.

We wandered the town a little--ate at a little outdoor cafe, had some of the best ice cream I've ever had near the harbor.

On Tuesday, I got to connect with a friend Joel has introduced me to--Andreas. Had coffee and rich conversation with him. Then, we went for a car trip around Skane (pronounced Skona). There is this circle of 5 foot stones set up to resemble a ship at the top of a hill overlooking the Southern sea. The place is called Ale's Stones. It accurately measures the summer and winter solstace and dates back to about 1000 A.D. The 58 stones are an impressive spot. On the way up, we stopped to watch a sheep dog working a flock of sheep. It was amazing how well he could move the sheep to exactly where the shepherd wanted them.

After some fish and chips, we made our way to a site called King's Grave. It is an impressive pile of stones, some 250 feet across, that encases a tomb once thought to hold an Bronze Age Viking King. We arrived too late to see the huge casket inside the structure. And, current research suggests the tomb held a number of youths instead of a king, but it is an ancient site none the less. Very impressive.

We got home late and, after some prayer time, I tumbled into bed. Today, I am on a FinnAir flight to Bangkok. The adventure continues.

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