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Not one of the three of us managed to get a great night of sleep last night.

Lauren stayed all night with us and slept in my place in the King bed, along with Marilyn.

I was relegated to the hide-a-bed in the living room.

I slept well until about 2:30, then was awake for several hours, and then slept ok until 6:00.

Whatever amount of sleep that adds up to is what I had.

I put the coffee on and discovered that the water in the Campground was shut off. I did manage to get enough water for a pot of coffee but my much desired shower was out of the question.

Once the coffee was finished off we all drove to one of our favorite breakfast places here in Hannibal, where we enjoyed a fine breakfast.

Then we took Lauren to the waterfront, showed her the tugboats and the riverboat, then drove to Lover’s Leap, and ended up back at the Cave where we visited with friends for a few minutes.

We had about an hour back at the RV before we loaded the car with toys and stuff, and drove Lauren home where her Mom & Dad were waiting for her.

Jennifer showed us the trees she planted yesterday and we were soon on our way back to Hannibal.

Marilyn & I welcomed the quiet time before showers and clean clothing made us ready to visit friends, John & Julie, at the Mansion. Oh yes, the water pressure had returned to normal and all was well.

We enjoyed a relaxed evening with our friends. Julie had prepared coconut shrimp and we sat outdoors with the shrimp and a cold drink. The food, drink, music, and most of all, the company, were wonderful and we enjoyed the evening completely.

Julie had marinated a boneless pork loin and we grilled that while Julie fixed baked potatoes, a three bean salad, and hot rolls to go with the grilled pork.

We started the meal with a delicious lettuce salad and then enjoyed the remainder of the food as we sat together talking and laughing.

We were inside when the rain and thunderstorms arrived and ran for the car in a drenching downpour.

John offered an umbrella and they even offered us a room at the mansion, but we toughed it out and drove home in heavy rain.

It was good to get inside where we changed into dry, comfortable clothing and sat together watching some late night TV.

We are looking forward to a good night of sleep.

Life is Good!

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