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From the balcony

From the balcony

From the balcony

Day 9

Up at about 7.30, down for breakfast....a mixed bag of the usual pastries, cold meets and cheeses with bread, but this breaky extended to hot dog sausages, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, and bacon. Nice change!

Once fed, we were on the hotel bus into town. Cerys was keen to see minori, Ravello and as a result, we decided to bus it up to scali, the oldest village in the mountains, and neighbour to Ravello.

After purchasing a day ticket, we caught a Sita bus to scali, a small but very historic village, hi in the hills. We walked further to minuti a smaller validate with significant religious significance.

We then walked back to scali, and then onto Ravello a few winding kms away, due to the intermittent buses.

Hot and bothers, we looked around Ravello, before heading to a hotel restaurant high in the town. The view was absolutely fantastic - right from our dinner table!

I had a rack of lamb and Cerys has a fillet steak with pepper sauce. Our meals we accompanied by baked potatoes and garlic chili broccoli. So beautiful!

After looking around, and with a mission to visit minori ahead of us, Cerys and I saw a stairway marked minori.

Here we were, high in the mountains, walking down stairs to the ocean, kilometres away. So that's what we did! We walked it. So cool...winding past homes, churches, small villages etc. remarkable!

When we arrived finally at minori, about an hour had passed and the 28 degree day was burning away at us. We made our way to beachfront restaurant and drank a large beer and lots of water.

After a short explore of minori - nothing much to see, we caught a taxi to maiore, the next town along. Maiore was having a siesta, so the town was basically closed.

We looked around, and then caught the Sita bus back into town.

Oh and the highlight! Cerys and I waved at the google street view car camera - immortalised on street view at the central bus stop of Amalfi! Go Cerys!

We met hotel bus 30 minutes later and headed back to the hotel, showered, dressed and headed for the bar.

The hotel wifi is still dead, but if you sit in the foyer, you an get reception. Face booked shebly then she disappeared, so weren't to the bar so I could play catchup with my blog entries.....they just need to be uploaded when we get wifi!

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