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Our hotel room view

Cerys has a beer

Day 8

Dinner at the best restaurant in town was a treat! The food was excellent, service, so so, but overall it was a beautiful meal in a beautiful garden on a beautiful night. It was beautiful.

The walk back to the hotel room burnt off half the meal, and we retired with a glass of red wine enjoying the beautiful view of Positano for nor last night!

Day 8 begins

Woke up late ish about 9am and into the breakfast room where waiter tony was waiting for new arrivals. Tony is a camp personality who gushes unashamedly over the ladies. Needless to say, Cerys loved him and he loved Cerys, and he basically force-Fed Cerys the morning's treats Including a mulberries and cream tart. Funny to watch! Should have filmed it!

Cerys and I made a last ditch effort to find a Positano present at last found a white and rose gold watch as an ever-present reminder of Positano.

We virtually had to sprint uphill for a km or so to meet the checkout time of 12pm. We were sweating rather convincingly on this 27 degree day so we could make checkout on time. Cerys insisted on speaking to the manager, praising his staff which was nice.

We requested a taxi to Amalfi, and our Mercedes arrived and collected us.

Another interesting drive greeted us with photos begging to be taken, interesting driving skills witnessed, and the scenery continued to be remarkable. The hotel, as we found is located about a kilometre above sea level, which gave us a fantastic view of the sea, and the two cruise liners at port in Amalfi.

After dumping the bags, we had a choice of town bus or hotel bus into town. As the Sita bus was due first, we opted for that, making our way up to the road from the hotel. When the 1230 bus didn't arrive, we figured we'd wait until 1 for the next one, figuring we just missed the last one, and the hotel bus left at 1.30. After standing out the front of the hotel for over an hour, we quit and went back down to the hotel for their bus.oh and of course, as soon as we walked away from the road, the town bus went past!

The hotel bus was full. One the way into town then is a stop for the private hotel beach. You get off the bus, and catch a lift down to the beach. We didn't bother, as we touched the sea yesterday, and I bet mullaloo is warmer, even in winter.

Once in Amalfi, we found a nice little bar and had a beer and a nice snack. Cerys drank about a litre of beer.....well maybe I did, but Cerys looked funny drinking from such a huge cup.

After checking out messages and so forth, we headed out, checking out everything in the Main Street/mall of the town.

As we became fatigued, we caught the town bus home after purchasing bus tickets from the tobachie shop.

Back at the hotel, a very entertaining batman, made cocktails and kept us entertained until dinner, which was a surprisingly swank affair with wonderful food offerings. I had a crepe entree and we both had pork fillet for dinner- really good!

After dinner to bed, and off to a quick sleep. Woke up coughing at three am but apart from that, my cold has just been an annoyance.

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