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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Milepost 35.5 Haines Highway to Lake Creek Campground, Yukon

248.4 miles

TRAVEL QUOTE OF THE DAY: "This is the law of the Yukon, and ever she makes it plain: 'Send not your foolish and feeble; send me your strong and your sane.' - Robert Service

Okay, so Art has got the strong covered and I've got the sane covered; although, I think some in our immediate family may suggest that we also have foolish covered on lots of occasions and feeble on a few as well.....

Alarm off at 6:45am. Art was already up doing captions on pictures so I hit the snooze button 3 times and got up at 7:15. Made tea and had breakfast (Poptart!). Blue skies with some clouds, looks like it might be a good weather day again. Took lots of pictures of the river, mountains and glacier and pulled out at 9:30. Realized why we had no traffic last night after 9 and all night: the border stations for Canada and the US close around then and are closed until 7 in the morning so no one gets out or in overnight-worked out good for us! We drove 10 miles to the Canadian Border and passed through back into Canada again. It's so funny for the US to have this tiny little corner of the world with Canada surrounding it....No problems at the border so we drove another 125 miles to Haines Junction. It clouded over as we went and we even got occasional showers the rest of the day. We stopped for lunch at 12:40 (had to give back that extra hour when we crossed back into Canada this morning - bah humbug!) and ate at a gravel turnout that led to a river. Nice spot. Ham/cheese sandwiches and tortilla chips with the leftover Velveeta dip from the other day.

Back on the road at 1:30. Scenery was very pretty but that drive in to Skagway really surpassed this one and I was surprised; I had expected this road to be even prettier. I am SO glad we opted to drive into Skagway and take the ferry - good decision! Got to Haines Junction at 3 and went to their new visitors center (new since our last visit in 2012). It's spiffy but folks there, while friendly, were not as helpful as before. Got a lead on a bike ride nearby but given the iffy weather, we chose to just get on down the road further today.

Past Burwash Landing and got Art's picture in front of the world's largest gold mining pan. Just miles and miles and miles of AK Hwy.....until I saw a grizzly next to the road!! Stopped, slowly backed up and he paid us no mind at all. It was a straight stretch of road so I could see in front and behind for miles; we just stopped, put on the flashers and watched him for 15 minutes or more. It was amazing! So beautiful and powerful looking; I was glad to be in the rv admiring him and not sitting on my bike!! LOL! Art took a million pictures with his big camera, the small camera, the video camera, his phone, my phone, anything we had to record the moment! Finally, a couple cars came along so we reluctantly moved on.....bye, Big Grizzly Bear! You're awesome!

More AK Hwy. driving, some really rough and gravelly where we drove 25-30 mph for miles and miles. Finally got to Lake Creek Campground, Yukon Govt. campground where we stayed for $12C for the night and free firewood. Pulled in at 7:15 and only 1 other camper there. Picked out spot #20 and pulled through and paid. Rain stopped a little while before we got there so Art was able to make a campfire finally (first time of the trip). I made corn on the cob in the microwave, warmed up Bush's Baked Bean (brown sugar and hickory - may be my new fave) on the stove and Art roasted the rest of the sausages over the fire. With my homemade sweet tea, it was a backwoods feast!! Just cool enough for the fire to feel good and warm but no coats necessary. Only a blessed few mosquitos so no problems there. Roasted marshmallows for dessert - a perfect campfire meal.

Came in at 9:30 to wash up dishes and update the blog. Just after we got inside, it started raining again; how do we get such perfect timing? Finished watching "Insomnia". I clearly remember watching it in 2002 and saying "WHERE is that?!? I need to go there!" and I was right....The area up here around Stewart, Skagway, is just unbelievabale. I love it....and you will too. Get up here sometime in your life - I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Just remember to be strong and sane....LOL.

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