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Fifty Three years ago today, I was a nervous wreck.

My Air Force buddies were in town and we were all staying overnight at a Motel, which concerned me somewhat.

I was determined not to drink anything and didn’t.

My buddies however, had no reservations about sipping a bit of the alcohol available once the wedding rehearsal was over.

They also made sure that I had no sleep whatsoever that night.

The result of that was not visible until the next morning, June 2nd, when I appeared dead tired and pale as a ghost.

The Air Force guys did allow me to shower and get dressed for my wedding, without being harassed too much.

I was so nervous and so worn out that I was afraid I might be sick.

The church was filled with family and friends and all eyes turned to the back of the church, as Marilyn began her walk down the aisle.

I thought she looked stunning! Absolutely beautiful!

She told me later that I looked as if Dracula had drained all the blood out of me.

My brother, Bill, had hitched a ride all the way from Ohio, where he was serving in the Air Force also, and made it to the church just in time for the wedding.

It was so good to see him sitting there because he had been afraid that he wouldn’t make it.

The wedding went off without a hitch and my non-Catholic buddies in the wedding did quite well with the kneelers, etc.

I was so nervous, even after the ceremony, that when we walked out to the car, I opened the back door for Marilyn, and then started to climb into the drivers seat myself.

The reception lasted all day and I wanted to leave for our honeymoon long before the reception was over.

We had a long drive to our destination in Red Oak, Iowa.

I was no longer a bundle of nerves but was exhausted when we began that drive. Then it started to rain and we drove at least three hours in the rain.

No matter the beginning, Marilyn & I have remained in love with one another for 53 years.

She has stuck with me through the good and the bad, and I have known for a long time, that she probably deserved more than I could give her.

We never know how much time we have left but we do know how much time we have had together and I am grateful for every day.

I love you Honey and because of you, more than for any other reason, I know that Life is Good!

P.S. Now if I can only get her to read my blog. LOL

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