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I’ve heard it said that your first “best friends” in life are your cousins. In my case that is certainly true.

I grew up in a close knit family with a bunch of cousins as play-mates. We have remained friends all through our lives.

Marilyn & I have been looking forward to today because a group of family members were getting together.

We arrived just a couple of minutes after the appointed time and were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a huge crowd of relatives.

There were 31 people in all and hugs went on for some time.

We finally sat down to eat a wonderful meal of catfish, shrimp, fried chicken, sausage & kraut, and too many side dishes to count.

Dessert followed the main meal and consisted of fruit cobblers, cake and ice cream.

Everyone enjoyed the fine food, mixed in with an ongoing stream of conversation and frequent laughter.

That’s the way it should be when family gets together and this family has had many years to practice. LOL

We finally moved the gathering outdoors where the visiting continued, this time along with lots of picture taking.

My Uncle Bill and Aunt Betty were the real focus of attention as they are the senior members of this gathering, now that my grandparents and most of our parents are gone.

Somehow I suspect that they might have been looking down at all of us with big smiles on their faces, maybe telling stories and laughing as they used to do.

Our own generation has gone from being the children at these family get-togethers, to being the ones with our own little ones, to now being among the older generation, watching our own grandchildren interacting with their own cousins.

So many happy memories came to mind today, with only a tinge of sadness for those who brought so much joy to our lives and are now no longer with us, except in our memories.

I will post pictures from today, mostly for the benefit of the family, because so many of you dear readers don’t know them.

However, you may identify with the idea of a loving family being together and having a good time.

Until we meet again, perhaps next fall when we return from our summer in Colorado.

To my family, I say “We love you all”.

Truly because of you, we can say “Life is Good!”

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