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Greenfield Indiana - 800 mile US 40 Yard Sale

Traffic and parking were at a premium

Catholic Comic Books - Who Knew

Wunnerful! Wunnerful

Here's the scores from the Hunt

Sara - my niece - smokes the competition

Toot your flute

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

It is our first full day in Indiana so we ate a nice breakfast and went to hit the US 40 800 mile yard sale - we started in Greenfield, IN. Since we are the junk collecting members of this family - we created a scavenger hunt so my sister, her husband and her daughter could join in on the treasure hunt. My niece Sara won and was SO EXCITED, but not as excited as Gene was when he found the 25 point thigh master. He yelled so loud you would have thought he won the lotto - I think he scared the vendor a little. One of the items to find was something Marlboro - I found that one in a big way!!!

We found a lot of great things today, so I'll just list the really unique finds (and there are pictures of these). I found a Pope John Paul II, St. Francis and Mother Teresa Marvel Comic Books from the 1980s. They were $1 a piece and I just couldn't resist buying them. They should be worth about $20 each. I know the Lord works in mysterious ways, but I never would have guessed the outreach through Marvel Comics.

We found a black, Bakelite flute called a Tonette in the original box with the instructions for $4 - it goes for $20 and up.

And, remember Janet Lennon of the Lennon sisters on Lawrence Welk. She was wunnerful, wunnerful and I found her paper doll set with about 20 different outfits for $2 and it is worth about $20.

We bought a unique ESP type game, some glasses, some Corningware and some pyrex. Gene added 2 new items for his Coca-Cola collection - a Coca-Cola toy semi-truck with two T-Birds from the 50s in it and a gold Brickyard Coca-Cola bottle NIB.

Then it started pouring and storming, so we went back home, had dinner, and played UNO. I got to hold my new great niece for an hour and rock her to sleep.

Life is SO GOOD!

Tomorrow we are going out to breakfast and we are heading to Plainfield to try to get some 1/2 price bargains on the last day of the big sale.

This Route 40 sale isn't as organized as other sales we have visited, but it wasn't our main sale for this trip. We still managed to fill up a 35 gallon Rubbermaid bin with items.

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