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Today we enjoyed the weather tourists come to Maine for: cool, dry, bright sunshine, clear blue skies. After a short drive we stopped in Freeport, home of LL Bean which is open 365 days a year 24/7. This retailer has been known for decades for quality outdoor wear and equipment and customer service. Many of its competitors have bitten the dust over the years, but the flagship store here in Maine is such a mecca, it has attracted other outdoor retailers and retail outlets, 170 in all. We have never driven by without stopping in. There is always an item or two that needs to be bought, but it is also fun to browse through the fishing gear and mountain bikes, even though they will never become part of our inventory. Most of the clerks are aficionados of the merchandise they sell and are ready to provide good advice as well as enthusiastic service.

After a traditional lobster roll lunch, we pondered whether we should stay boondocked in the spacious parking facilities Bean provides to RV'ers or whether we should continue on to the final destination where the RV caravan will begin the Canadian Maritimes trip. Feeling refreshed from the stop in Freeport, we made the decision to finish the drive and we were glad we did.

The two extra nights we are spending here are half price thanks to our membership in Passport America and we have a great site without trees overhead, making the satellite connection easy. However, we already are so far north that the satellite connects to the TV or the internet, but not both. The satellite we are assigned to is in the southwest and the parallax make the little receivers on the satellite arm a bit out of alignment. We expected this to happen eventually, but not so soon. Bummer!

Most of our fellow caravan travelers are already here and we had a social hour that lasted more like two. First impression of the caravan leaders and fellow travelers are positive. There are few things travel nuts like us enjoy more than swapping travel stories and experiences with other like minded folk. All you can eat haddock was on the dinner menu at the restaurant within walking distance of the campground. I have a feeling I won't be doing much cooking on this trip.

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