Yes! I believe we will!

Our situation in the parking lot, they have good security, note other...

Kla-Mo-Ya casino

Yes, they have good prices on fuels and of course smokes

The Elk fountain waterfall is seen from the highway, our view is...

The drive northward from Mound House was relatively easy considering there are several medium length grades to pull. But the 350 miles went without incident and we landed at the Kla-Mo-Ya Casino in time to set up and get into the restaurant for the dinner special, $5.99 each! Note, Kla-Mo-Ya is an acronym for Klamath, Modoc and Yakima....

This is a very convenient stop and we recommend it.

Dave pulled out one of the Honda 2000 generators and plugged us in so the refridgerator could recover. A good nights sleep was had by us, refreshed for a short drive.

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