Yea, there's some snow! These are the Sierra Nevadas' leading to Lake...

Double Yea! lots of snow in this area of the mountains.

Dave gets a basal cell spot removed

This one was a larger area, left over from last year

Our youngest son with college graduating nephews (twins)

Bambi enjoying the festivities of a grandsons birthday

Kayden, birthday boy on right with best cousin, Brent on left and...

one day we picked up son Kent, after he hiked a portion...

This leg of the hike was 47 miles

The PCT emblem

Kent ended at the town of Belden, CA on Hwy 70 in...

Dave's brother Frank and his wife Sharon

our second oldest son, Keith and his family, Angelique, Kody and Kayden

Once again Kent and his family, Gina and daughter Myleah

Our youngest son Paul and his family, Jenna, Kyle, Brent and Lilly

The two of us healthy and looking forward to more traveling

Our one and only "daughter, Bambi".

This stop in Reno was frought with, thank goodnes, lots of rain in the valleys and some snow in the mountains. Our drive here from California was noticeable lacking of snow. Hopefully this little bit will stay on the mountains for a few weeks to maximize its water storage affect.

A couple months ago, Dave had to scramble to find a new Dermatologist to care for his frequent basal cell surgeries along with accompanying check ups. This, because the previous physcian is not treating military patients any longer. So he found one of the two that still treat them. So, on a short notice and working within our time constraints, the new Dr. and PA sacrificed time, scheduling and profits for Dave. After explaining the traveling and short time frame their team stepped up big time and pulled it all off in record time. Thank You for all YOU do for us veterans!

Between rain storms, we attended a party for two graduating nephews from the University of Nevada, Wolfpack, top of their class in accounting. And both have secured employment prior to graduating! Another party and family gathering was for little Kayden's 9th birthday. He's our miracle baby having been born a full 90 days premature. Then a few days later there was the birthday family gathering for Rebecca celebrating her &# birthday! ! ! Though it was early due to our traveling on her actual birthday, the kids were precious in their quest to make sure she got her due! ! ! It was at this party for Rebecca that Dave made sure the three kids present got their family pictures taken. Only our eldest, David couldn't be there as he is stationed in Augusta, GA.

So, after all the partys, doctor visits, and friend visits it is time to get on down the road. Tomorrow we depart for the two day drive northward to Eugene.

Just a note, with this posting we have surpassed 8700 photos on this journal ! ! !

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