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Our normal caravan departure procedure is for the wagon master to announce when he is leaving and then we have a two hour window after that when we leave as we feel ready. It is not kind to our fellow man, if we all leave together and clog up the roads, especially when they are mostly two lane. A few folks travel as two-somes, but usually we dribble out of the campground with long spaces between us. Occasionally we all gang up on a a shopping center, but even then we come and go at our own pace.

But today the ferry wanted us to all arrive at once. We left at the ungodly hour of 7am, trying hard not to get in each other's way as the trailers were hitched to trucks and the toweds were attached to the motor homes. Then we drove eleven miles down the road to a large lot, where we all got in a row for our final invasion of the ferry port. The fog was so thick, we were afraid we would miss the lot altogether, but after driving ten miles it lifted. After everyone arrived, we all pulled out nose to tail, an impressive sight.

At the ferry port we were boarded by agricultural inspection folks who took away my half consumed bag of potatoes purchased in PEI. They almost took the carrots too, but they passed muster because they were peeled. We were also told the underside our rigs might get washed to prevent us from importing nasty soil microbes back into Nova Scotia, but we all seemed to be clean enough.

Once again we were guided onto the ferry parked very closely together. Then it was upstairs for the day to have a much too big lunch and sit out on the deck enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures. All of our ferry trips have been on glassy smooth seas. Today that made it easy to see some dolphins who escorted us part way. We got a lot of reading and podcast listening done and at 6:30pm pulled up to the dock in North Sydney. This ferry ride cost us only $550, considerably lower than the much longer trip to NFLD.

A quick thirty mile drive brought us here to a campground on the water within walking distance of the main sight we are here to see. More on that tomorrow. The campground's electricity is so poor I cannot run my washing machine and we were afraid we blew up the TV after watching it a few minutes. After running the generator and giving it a rest, it came back on. Whew!! The satellite has begun to retrieve a few more channels and it would be nice to be able to watch/record them.

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