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halfway to North Pole

The planned drive was short and we didn't want to get to the campground too early so we fooled around at the Nova Scotia welcome center and picked up ten pounds of brochures. Then we found a Canadian Tire which not only had the DEF fluid that none of the Walmart's seemed to have, which is where we buy it at home. It also had replacement coffee carafes, not something I would not expect to buy at a tire store. Then it was off for a slow amble through a decent grocery store called Sobey's. There are a number of meals included in our tour and we eat out every so often, so it's always hard to know how much produce to buy. My mom raised me to never throw food away.

I haven't written about our travel group lately. We added a couple from Georgia in Caraquet and lost the grandma with the two grandsons in PEI. They were very nice boys and she was a great grandma, only bringing them to planned tour activities that seemed like something they would like. In PEI they were off playing paintball while we were at Anne's fictional green gable house. It might have been more fun to be with them. The 5th wheel whose wheel bearings froze, resulting in the wheel coming partly off and breaking the axle got an efficient in-campground repair. No new axle could be found so the old one was welded and they were rolling down the highway with smiling faces today. The other 5th wheel whose jack motors have malfunctioned is still waiting for the delivery of replacement parts. They are unable to separate their truck from the trailer, but can travel with the rest of us on car pool days. We have not missed the mud flap that fell off. The Jeep looks fine and we are beginning to think the main function of the mud flap was to advertise our motor home manufacturer Newmar.

We are a congenial, easy going group that follows directions and are on time. Whenever a tour guide tells us about something and asks if there are any questions, many hands go up and we learn a great deal more. It's so nice to travel with an intellectually curious group of people.

The local Hilden volunteer fire department fed us a delicious pork chop dinner. We have never done this before, but apparently fire departments who are used to cooking for masses of people, use this is a fund raiser. After dinner they proudly showed off their equipment. It was Skip's birthday so we had two desserts - the strawberry short cake the department had planned plus a birthday cake. This is not a tour for folks on a diet.

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