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Prince Edward Island is to Canada as Rhode Island is to the United States. It is a province, but oh so much smaller than any of the others. When we were here twenty years ago, we had to put the rig on a ferry, but we could see them starting to sink the pilings for the bridge we drove over today. The eight mile long bridge boasts that it is the longest bridge covering ice covered water. The islanders use good psychology. Today we crossed the bridge for free, but we will have a giant toll to pay on the way back. We don't know if they charge by axle as they do at home, but we're expecting something in the $50 - $80 range. Pretty much what the ferry cost, but more convenient.

It's been very windy and the thought of getting the side of our home slammed as we crossed the water was not appealing, but at that moment the wind was at our back. A special feature of this motor home is something called Comfort Drive, which is supposed to hold you onto the road. Most of the time Ken hardly knows it's there, but today he said it helped. We can't complain. One of our colleagues who is towing a 5th wheel like we used to own, broke an axle just as he pulled into the campground. Here's hoping he will find someone soon to make a repair or he won't be paying a toll on that bridge any time soon.

PEI is a strange mix of bucolic farm land and touristic gee gaws that make us think of the Wisconsin Dells. We passed a Ripley's Believe It of Not right before the turn into the campground. We are right next to a huge outdoor music venue which is having a big festival here this weekend. Featured performers include Rod Stewart and Keith Urban and many country stars we've never heard of. We have to wear special wrist bands in the campground to prove that we're legit. Tonight we heard the sound check and it was just like being there.

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