Canadian Maritimes - Summer 2015 travel blog

We drove the southern edge of the Gaspé Peninsula, a final scenic look at picturesque villages with churches with shiny metal roofs. A small bridge brought us into a new province, New Brunswick. We haven’t gone far as the crow flies, but it took us about six hours to drive up one side of the peninsula, cross the river, and drive back down the next peninsula. The timing is a bit vague in my mind, because we also lost an hour since we are now on Atlantic Time, an hour east of the Eastern Time Zone. Part of the route included a pseudo expressway with exits and limited access that only had two lanes, a welcome break for the intrepid driver with all the stopping and starting small town driving requires. The New Brunsiwck side was not as scenic and we saw piles of empty lobster traps sitting in people’s yards. At the moment there is no trapping allowed here. We don’t know why the lobster trapping has stopped because we still don’t understand much of what is going on.

Some in the group are getting tired of the puzzlement that is the French language and they were hoping that things would be more English here. From what we have seen so far, that is not the case. Our coffee carafe took flight and broke during the drive when we encountered a tight traffic circle and we went to town to look for a replacement. People are friendly and try to be helpful, but there was still a lot of hand waving involved. We passed many establishments whose names gave us no clue about what they sold. We are still strangers in a strange land.

It is interesting to watch the temperature change as we drive. If the wind comes off the water it can be in the low 60º's, but if we come inland or the wind stops, the temperature rises 10º. As we drove into the campground, the pool was overflowing with swimmers. In this particular spot it definitely feels like summer.

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