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Cap bon Ami

black bear

Cap des Rosiers

pancake breakfast

enjoying the scenery

resting fishermen




driving into Percé

Percé Rock

great view

Percé panorama


There's something special about celebrating the 4th of July when you're not in the USA. The trip leaders treated us to breakfast, pancakes with maple syrup and bacon inside so you didn't even need to use plates or silverware. They had time to cook, because we only had sixty miles to drive today. This also meant we had a late departure, which gave us time to visit a few sites in Forillon National Park that we missed in yesterday's rain.

The view from the aptly named Cap Bon Ami was great and we ran into a man who had seen a mother porcupine and two babies as he walked to the beach. When he got to the beach a whale came so close to shore it scared him. Well, we took the same walk, but it isn't Disneyland. We saw a few seals sunning on the rocks, but that's about it. On the way to Cap Des Rosiers to see another lighthouse, we did encounter another black bear eating grass. He was small, but looked well nourished and ignored the admiring crowds who gathered to watch.

The drive to Percé was as twisting and winding as the drive we took the day before and included a 17% grade into town. Now that was a view! The Percé Rock is amazing, a huge chunk of land that retained its shape even after having broken off from the land it was attached to. The rock is punctuated by an arch at the end. Our campground overlooks it all and we could sit all night looking out at the view.

We had a potluck for dinner. The leaders supplied hot dogs and decorated the meeting room, which overlooked the rock. After a rousing rendition of "God Bless America," we dug in.

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