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great souvenirs

It's amazing how much easier it is to pack the motor home when we aren't worried about tracking in snow or the liquids freezing. We've already taken a few loads over to the parking spot, which made the disposition of the final stacks in the guest room quick and easy. We know that the traffic can be challenging in metro Chicago, but we are always surprised when we run into RV'ers that drive long distances out of the way to avoid it. Since that really isn't a choice for us, we try to drive through at optimum times if possible, so we left while all the good people were in church and/or fathers were busy reclining in hammocks, sipping a beer and being honored. Happy Father's Day!

When we're not in sightseeing mode, we look for quick, cheap and easy places to stop. The Ohio Turnpike makes that simple. Some of the oases have official campsites furnishing enough power to run the A/C and cook a decent meal. A water fill and dump spot is nearby if needed and in a quarter of a mile we will be back on the highway tomorrow morning. We've camped on this road once before and it seems that few folks realize that the campsites are there. We have the place to ourselves just as we did last time. This oasis only has back-in sites, so we had to undo the car, but otherwise it's perfect. The view out the windows is of green and trees and the 18-wheelers that might also be spending the night are idling far away from us.

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