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Thomas Carter George

Thomas Carter George #2

WA scrub vegetation

John, kind soul that he is, volunteered to take us to the airport in time for our 7am flight. John, knowing us only too well had the foresight to call and wake us up as we had spooned up the alarm once again. And so we made it to Perth Domestic with time to spare only to discover that our flight was not on the board. Luckily we were only in the wrong wing of the airport! Bleary early morning panic over, we will make it to the flight on time.

A feeling of isolation started to creep into our mindset as we flew over red desert so synonymous with outback Australia for nearly two hours and then landed at the wee-est airport yet. The baggage collection carousel was a little larger than a children's merry-go-round and Marita, Glen's friend who we are staying with, chuckled as she recalled that not long ago passengers simply collected their baggage from the runway.

Marita has had a home in Exmouth since the American Naval Base moved out and wasted no time in showing us the sights. On our way back from the airport we had our first taste of off-roading and headed into some gorges where the first oil was found in W.A. Thanks to the winter rains (there has been drought for the last three winters) the wildflowers were out in abundance. The gorges were carpeted in lush green bushes, grasses and wildflowers in yellows, purples and blues.

After lunch at Marita's we headed for the beach with her adorable dog Snowy whilst we waited for the 2pm departure of the glass bottomed Ningaloo Explorer 2. We left Marita at the beach and headed off for an afternoon of snorkelling, yet more whale watching and gawping at the amazing coral and the critters that live among it.

Our first impressions of Exmouth are all good. The isolation is breathtaking and the people here are lovely. When we popped into town I was admiring a picture made of pressed flowers. After chatting to the stall holder I decided that I had to buy it only find that the stall holder refused to take my money. I had to settle with giving him a big hug to say thank you. Needless to say Marita is absolutely lovely too!

Day 190 complete

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