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We had to ride around the Square on our way to the...

Our route

The first tunnel

Looking back at Levanto

The path runs right along the coast

The path was well used

They did a remarkable job on this route

Views of the beautiful rugged coastline

Exiting one of the many tunnels

End of the trail.

Bike path beaks out into open here at the end with the...

Now how did they know about that camping spot

A little portal with a view. Probably originally an escape hatch

view from the portal

I don't know who was more suprised

Those little fellows weren't being too carefulI

One last tunnel

Almost home

Part of a well deserved dinner. Delicious

Thursday, May 14th.

We woke to rain so resigned ourselves to a day of rest. Around 2 it brightened up so headed out on our bikes. The old railway line was converted into bike trails along the coast so off we went. There were many tunnels and it was lovely and cool riding in them. The scenery was again spectacular and we rode all 12 km of it out and back.

As there was a very loud family (3 children fighting and crying) camping across from us we decided to stay in town to eat at the restaurant suggested to us.

Low and behold as we were ordering who should decide to eat there, with all the other choices available, yep the family of 5. I think the little girl (about 3) must have had an ear infection because she cried all the time.

We decided to move the next day to perhaps a quieter campground higher into the mountains but closer to the train.

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