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I have written before of our friends, John & Julie, who own the Garth Mansion here in Hannibal.

They did something for Marilyn & I that causes me to struggle in an effort to find words of gratitude.

Julie suggested that we call some friends and allow John & Julie to host a BBQ for all of us.

Marilyn & I have been blessed to have the sort of friends around us who are truly special people. John & Julie are among the group of people who are special to us and will always be friends.

I cannot tell you how many times our friends have touched our lives in a positive manner.

Friends, Mark & Leanne, Norbert & Maggie, Don & Sharon, and Steve & Cathy met us at the mansion last night. We had contacted other friends who were unable to join us due to prior obligations, and they were missed.

Julie assured that everyone felt welcome by joking and teasing them. It didn’t take long for our friends to all become friends with one another, though some had never met the others before this night. Now they all have new friends including John & Julie.

The laughter was constant and the conversation flowed easily.

Thanks to the friendliness of John & Julie, we all had a nice time.

Julie prepared a wonderful meal for the entire group, and soon, several guests at the Mansion joined us for the fun, food, and good natured bantering.

John & I enjoyed a conversation about airplanes and things, along with my friend, Don, who was also a high school classmate of mine. We've been friends for nearly 60 years.

It was a wonderful evening, spent in the company of good friends.

All we can say is a heartfelt “Thank You” to John & Julie.

Your kindness and friendship are treasured and will be long remembered.

It is because of the good people we are blessed to have as friends, that we can easily say with sincerity that Life is Good!

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