2015 Southwest Trip travel blog

Drips under the coach when we got ready to depart.

Trail of fluid leaking as we approached the RV park.

BIG puddle underneath!


Chula Vista Marina



Sculpture "The Fisherman" in the marina park.

San Diego Bay and the skyline in the distance.


Here we are for the night.

Well, never a dull moment. Last night when we drove to our friends' house I noticed (I was driving) that the windshield on the car was blurry and I kept spraying the windshield washer fluid and trying to clear the windshield. A portion remained blurry, but I didn't think too much of it at the time...I thought that when I had taken the car through the car wash in Pahrump that possibly some residue remained under the driver's side wiper and was causing the windshield to remain blurry.

Fast forward to today. When I was hitching up the car, I noticed that something had been leaking under the motorhome and that the car had an oily film on it, again. Not sure whether this was just leftover from all the previous leaks we had fixed or something new. We didn't have far to drive today (only 67 miles), so we figured we'd wait until we got to San Diego to see what what was going on. As we were driving down the freeway in San Diego, Dan noticed something wrong with the steering, and by the time we got off the freeway and turned into the road to the RV park he could barely turn the steering wheel. We decided to pull over to the side of the road rather than try to maneuver into our site in the RV park.

When Dan got out and checked to see what was going on, he noticed a trail of fluid on the pavement from our motorhome and when he looked underneath the coach there was fluid pouring onto the pavement. He determined it was hydraulic fluid, and after a series of phone calls to a local mobile repair service, Good Sam Roadside Assistance, a towing company, the local police and harbor police (we were in a "no parking between 10pm and 6am zone), we decided to spend the night on the side of the road and wait for assistance in the morning.

In the meantime, I got out and walked around the marina next to the RV park and took a few photos. Beautiful setting! And we had some entertainment while we were stranded. Cinderella got out of her little red car (see photo), put the big hoops and crinoline on under her skirt outside the passenger side of her car, opened the trunk and lifted out the big box, carried it across the street to the marina office, came back out with the box a few minutes later, put it back in the trunk, got back in her car with the hoops still on (mooning us in the process, tho not intentionally) and then drove off. No clue what that was all about.

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