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Our apartment in....


Pam checking out sign for the Groeningmuseum in Brugge, Belgium

One of the many gates we went through.

I think this used to be a watering hole for this area...

Lots of secret passages.

A touch of home on Route 66.

Resting in Brussels

We need a little down time and this hit the spot.

We could not resist this place.

The Brussels on and off bus.

Lots of stairs at almost every stop.

Small park in Brussels.

I know this picture was straight. Must be the photographer.

Pam stop making fun of Napoleon

Gary doing a little cooking in Brussels.

Pam on bridge in Paris. Look at all the locks.

Glad I did not have to make the frame for this mirror....

The tower put its spell on Pam.

Are you sure this is the way to Versailles. Where are the...

The hall of mirrors made your neck sore looking up all the...

This room is no better.

On the Versailles trolley.

Beautiful bridge in Paris.

And how about the hot chick!

Pam spends a little quiet time with Monet.

The other room is just as good.

Rows and rows of masterpieces.

Can't believe we had the place almost to ourselves.

Paris view from the bridge.

The front door to our apartment in Paris.

This is door two for Paris.

Our lift (elevator) in Paris. It was tight with the luggage.

Pam at Normandy Beach.

Leaving our studio in Normandy.

How did they ever build something like this.

Pam lighting a candle at cathedral in Chartres.

Can not help but feel the vibes here.

Underground walkway in Cochem, Germany

Learning the Metro and Bus Lines was vital to our legs.

Not to mention an occasional stop for refreshments.

Lots of different weapons at the Army Museum.

Mirror mirror on the wall.

Gary in Dam Square Amsterdam.

Lots of tourists out today.

This way to the museum.

Lots of art to view.

I'll take door number 1.

A little vacation from our vacation.

Blooming tree in Paris.

On the way to the train station in Brugges.

Flower market in Brussels.

Brussels shopping area.

I am here to see the wizard. Knock Knock

Waiting for the museum to open in Brussels.

Heading for Paris.

Notre Dame

The Louvre pyramid was a welcome site.

The courtyard at Paris apartment.

Pam watches Degas dancers.

Gary and a row of Rodin's at the Orsay in Paris

Pam loved the hair on this sculpture. Orsay

At the gate at Versailles.

Inside was to much to capture with a camera.

Gary at Versailles.

Each of the two rooms had four of these Monet painting. They...

I sure hope this thing isn't loaded.

Find dining in Paris

Shopping in Paris.

The Arc de Triumph in Paris.

The walk was worth it.

Trying to get the perfect shot at the Louvre in Paris

Gary checking out a section of the portable piers used in the...

One of the bigger gun installations at Normandy.

The Citron was a smooth ride in the French countryside.

The gardens at Chartres were in full bloom.

Pam making the drive to Paris.

The trains were a good place to rest.

and watch the scenery go by.

Gary talking to a security guard at Cochem Castle.

He asked Gary to leave.

On the way to Berg Elz Castle.

Gary drives the KIA in Holland.

This woman works on the sculptures at the Kroller-Muller Museum, Arnhem, Netherlands.

Lots of sculpture to get close and personal with.

So many place to look.

Getting the right angle on this one.

Kroller-Muller Museum, Arnhem, Netherlands

Now that's a masterpiece.

Relax on the high speed train.

View from the Hotel Room.. Pam out for a walk.

The castles were built into solid rock.

What a beauty.

Hide and seek.

On our balcony in Cochem on the Mosel River, Germany

Pam and the KIA at Kroller-Muller Museum

Pam taking a peek.

Lots of holes in the sculptures here.

Now that's a mobile home.

Can you see the sleeping area in the picture.

On the path back. Kroller-Muller

Pam ready for a rest.

Gary and Henry spend a moment. Henry Moore, Kroller-Muller Museum

If you bring it you are going to have to carry it.

Pam admires some of Vincent's work.

Pam at the Kroller-Muller

They look like they were meant for each other.

Pam warms up the KIA before heading back to Amsterdam.

Our place in Hoogland, Netherlands

Are you sure this is dinner?

The flower arrangements were unbelievable.

They love Tattoos here too.

Haarlem Windmill

They were working on a lot of building. Delft, Netherlands-where they make...

Yes, they had wooden shoes.

The stairs were steep and slippery in socks.

Pam on the deck in Haarlem, Netherlands

We could climb to the roof of our place in Haarlem

Our tub in Haarlem apartment.

It was a long one.

Theirs no place like home. Pam's Dutch slippers.

We are back home and trying to organize some of the thousands of photos we snapped. Realized we did not photo each other all that much (guess we are not big selfey people). So enjoy the ones we did take.

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