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Muir Woods National Monument

Giant Red wood trees

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Vin's sister Deb

The Red Woods

Today, we started out very early. We have a big day ahead. We are driving to Stockton, California where we are renting a car and driving 2 1/2 hours to Muir Woods National Monument. So, let's get going. 12:00 pm; yeah, we are in Stockton. We setup home at Walmart and went to Enterprise to rent our car. We got a Nissan Versa. After lunch, we get into the car with Rosina driving and Kathy navigating. Art and Vinny doing what they do best, giving directions from the back seat! We get to Mill Valley and this switch back road is barely big enough for two cars. Cliffs with no guard rails moving from side to side. Rosina cool and calm flying up and down the mountain. Oh my God, don't look down! Finally, we are the top. We get parked and head into the forest. All of a sudden right there in front of us is a giant Redwood Tree. We look around and there are more Redwood trees. The giants of the forest. We were all in awe!

After we finished with the Redwoods, we jumped into the car and are headed to Pacifica, California to meet up with Vinny's sister Debbie. We have a 45 minute drive that takes us over the Golden Gate Bridge. We swing thru San Francisco headed to Paisanos for dinner. Rosina still at the wheel and Kathy still navigating. Art and Vinny are now very quite in the back seat. After an hour thru traffic, we finally arrive and have dinner with Debbie. It was a great time for all. With dinner finished, it's jump back in the car for a 1 1/2 hour drive back to the Walmart in Stockton. Well, we arrived back at 10:00 pm and can't wait to get to bed. Good night everyone...see you tomorrow.

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