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Rembrandt statue in Amsterdam's Rembrandt Square

This guy bought his Starbucks coffee so he could hang out. Amsterdam

Lots of working faces too. Amsterdam's Royal Palace, Dam Square

Lots of Amsterdam Ducks

This lady did not want her photo taken. Amsterdam

The many faces of Amsterdam royalty.

Faces having fun on the canals of Amsterdam.

Even the downspouts have faces in Amsterdam.

This swan floated around in Brugges.

Pablo is still a big draw. Brugges

Check out the cactus on these Yosemite shirts. Brugges

Lots of faces from the past.

A common site in Europe's museums.

Painted by Van Eyck. Brugges

Not sure if this is a bad hair day or just the...

Lots of people hanging around everywhere. Burssels

Statues here are covered in gold.

War memorial in Brussels.

Work still goes on, even if we are on vacation.

Brussels's police keep an eye on things

They use wire ties in place of handcuffs.

He was at a lot of the same churches we visited.

This Brussels bird had quite a strut.

This artist used spray paint to create his masterpieces on the streets...

This cool cat was just outside our apartment in Brussels. He flashed...

This is part of a painting by Jean Van Eyck.

Don't know her name but she is sure cute.

Marat was a real hero to the French people. Groaning Museum, Brugges

Taken at Auto World in Brussels.

Never heard of a Minerva.

But, they made more than one.

And, a RR is always in the show.

Packard has some nice caps also.

More weapons than you can imagine. National Military Museum, Paris, France

These Love Birds lived on our 6th floor roof in Paris.

Notre Dam has many faces.

The face of ND is an iconic Paris site.

Not uncommon to see soldiers with automatic weapons in Paris.

If you hang out people watching at the Louvre, the top of...

He spends his time at the Eiffel Tower. He looks like a...

The faces of the tower come in many forms.

The Palace of Versailles had many different faces to ponder.

They kept painting of all the wealthy people that helped make it...

They did not spare any expense.

The palace gates were just the start of the elaborate decorations.

Inside it got even more outrages.

Napoleon crowned himself a the Pope looked on.

The fences must have told the poor not to bother knocking.

Selfies were common everywhere.

The show of force was common.

The ponds at the palace attracted lots of water foul.

These were for sale in the palace gift shop.

The fountains were not spraying but,

they were still a site to see.

There always seemed to be someone watching.

This lady seemed content to just pose.

This guy is dealing with his anger issues.

The National Army Museum in Paris.

They claim to house over 500.000 pieces of military artifacts.

This guy is just showing off.

Lots of expression on this guy.

Napoleon Bonaparte, at his tomb in Paris.

Rodin, The Thinker Paris

Normandy Sculpture, gifted from Japan

Our hosts dog in Normandy

The Church of our Lady in Chartres, France

The faces on the interior were everywhere.

Entertainers in Cochem, Germany. Don't ask me how they did it.

This guy lives in the Reichburg Castle. Just across form our hotel...

He lived there too but was not happy to see visitors.

Not a frog, but a lion wearing a helmet.

Speaking of helmets!

The castle cat liked to pose.

Not sure what purpose this served but they had several at Reichburg.

A face we all know.

Our guests in Hooglan had some interesting things.

This artist liked his own face a lot. There were many like...

The Kroller-Muller Museum in Arnhem, Netherlands

Some just Heads,

others the whole figure.

All had something to say.

The animal world was also represented.

And, some we were not sure of.

And, others were less difficult to figure out.

The inside museum at Kroller-Muller had personality also. Giacometti

This woman named Karen lived in the Pop Art area.

Picasso's faces are sometime hard to figure out.

Those eyes.

They had many faces from the master Vincent Van Gogh

This one made us smile

A close up shows how Vincent used the paint to show light.

He had an intensity that came out in his work and life.

Now this lady is really equipped. Gift shop Kroller-Muller

He is the first and last person you see at the KM.

These guys lived at our place in Hoogland, Netherlands.

And this is one of our alarm clocks.

Paintings were the only to remember how your relatives look back then.

Many different kinds of faces.

These wealthy Dutch traders commissioned artists like Frans Hal to paint them...

This guy had some explaining to do in Haarlem, Netherlands.

The coast is home to a lot of these guys.

He must of made sweet music for at the church in Haarlem.

But, I don't think he could be heard over the largest pipe...

Lilly was our house cat in Burgges. We loved our stay with...

There's no place like home. Pam in her new Dutch slippers.

We encountered many different faces on our journey. Some real flesh, some in stone, bronze or even gold. Some are animals some are machines. All are interesting sights one sees on the way to a memorable adventure. They all do not fit a category for a journal, but we wanted to show you anyway. As we get more time to think about the journal and see it is a memory of our trip not just a chronological listing of the things we did along the way.

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