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I left Marilyn at home this morning while I drove to Palmyra to pick up our granddaughter.

Marilyn fixed peanut butter and banana smoothies for breakfast and they were delicious.

After breakfast I went outdoors to complete a few chores, then drove to town for a haircut. My next stop was to pick up a few supplies at Walmart, before returning to the Campground.,

Lauren ran out to help me unload the groceries and carry them in.

We played games on the computer for awhile, then it was lunch time and a nap. The nap mentioned here was intended for Lauren but Marilyn & I wouldn’t mind having one also.

For some reason our energy level isn’t up to par with the grandkids. I can’t understand why it is so hard to keep up with them.

It’s the same just trying to keep track of who is driving where to pick up or deliver which grandchild.

We have to speak with our daughter several times each day just to make sure we are in the right place at the right time.

Of course our daughter probably feels like she is herding cats just trying to keep her parents in the right place.

Oh, I should mention that today is the day for the Bat Release here at Cameron Cave.

CNN and National Geographic are supposed to be here to document the release of about 150 bats which have been cured of the WNS (White Nose Syndrome).

If things go as scheduled, I’ll try to get some pictures to share with you on the blog. The weather being so cool may have an effect on the plan for this evening.

We shouldn’t complain about our weather with all the cool and wet weather in other parts of the country. Our friends in Colorado and Texas are getting lots of rain while friends in South Dakota are getting snow.

Tomorrow I’ll return to leading tours of Cameron Cave and Mark Twain Cave.

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