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In the flower market

Entry to Monet property

Captivating combos

On the famous bridge

Water lily pond

In front of the house

In the house

Cafe interior, Ile de l'Cite

I walk to Pont Neuf-the "new" bridge which is now the oldest in Paris. Halfway down the island I find the Palais of Justice - a royal palace, now the law courts and a large police station. Around the corner is the Sainte - Chapelle, the King's chapel.It housed his relics. They say it has the most beautiful stained glass windows In all of Europe. I buy tickets for tonights performance of Vivaldi's Four Seasons by a good string quartet. I the leave to find the flower market. I thought to b buy cut flowers for the apartment but find only potted plants. I walk back by way of Notre Dame but have no time to visit. Walk back to rue de l'Ancienne Comedie.

We prepare to go to Givrerny. We are picked up promptly with one other couple in the car. It's one hour to Giverny - a commune, a county. The driver givers information about Claide Monet.. We arrive. He tells us to meet for the return and leaves. We go in and immediately take the underground passage to the water lilly pond. Several paths encircle th pond. The plant combinations - color and form - are amazing. The wisteria is blooming on the Japanese bridge.

We go to the gardens in front of the house. They are masterpieces of color, variety and form. We remember that Monet planned these as color exercises for painting.

His house is also amazing - much larger than expected. Many more Japanese prints and other art than Expected. His studio overflows with canvases and photos. Altogether this place exceeded our expectations. We would like to return many more times in other seasons.

In the evening we return to Sainte Chapelle for the concert. The players were virtuosoes. They filled the space with sound. The light thru the stained glass was magnificent. Altogether a memorable event. Afterwards we went to a cafe across the street. It had been established in the 1800's. (See the photo of its Art Deco bar area.) We chatted with two Canadians. The head person got us a cab and we got home without being rained upon,unlike other passers-by. At the restaurant, I ate a "mixed plate" of chese, meats and salad, absolutely perfect.

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