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Our home on (or in) the water!

Poisonous Tree Dart Frog - good for the tip of your spear

Red Belly Piranha - they really do bite (ask our guide who...

This is what you do to a Piranha that doesnt behave -...

A Sloth Running! (about 20 metres an hour!)

Who invited you to MY territory!

To continue......

We flew from Lima to Iquitos, accessible only be air or river, then went 4 hours up the Amazon to our Lodge.

When we arrived half the “lodge” was underwater – they’re having the 2nd biggest floods in history (the Amazon floods every year and its part of why you come at this time), but the water height is over 8 metres – the lodge we were in is built on stilts usually 4 metres above the ground and way back from the river – now half of it is barely above water!

So there have been fewer people here than normal, as many cancelled, and also it means facilities are even less than usual – having to walk between huts on planks of wood above the water, they cant do much washing etc so you live with the same sheets and towels for 3 nights at a time etc. This on top of the known cold showers etc, and food which is only just above camping, and you can see it’s a challenge for those of us used to slightly better accommodation!

However, it didn’t prevent us doing all the activities, most of which are by boat through the flooded forest. Sounds good, but after 5 days sitting on hard boat seats, being alternately burnt by the sun or drowned in torrential rain, bitten by everything that can walk, swim, or fly, and never being able to get either dry or cool (did I mention the humidity)……

But there were some sights that made it worthwhile – its so remote, and got to see sloths, lots of monkeys of all kinds, birds etc etc, plus did the canopy zipline (40 metres high), canoed through the forest at night, saw the pink dolphins – overall its been a real adventure that we wouldn’t have wanted to miss! We can honestly say we’ve literally been as far into the Amazon as you’re likely to get and done and seen most (there’s always something more) that you would want to see.

Now back in Iquitos. Dinner tonight is a floating "restaurant" accessible by boat only as its moored in the middle of the Amazon River. We fly out tomorrow for Quito in Ecuador. So far the trip has been fantastic – hard and different, but that’s what makes it so good.

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