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All packed up and ready to go!

Onto the plane at Roanoke

WIth our security guard at Charlotte

The last drinks before the plane

Up and take Alice to school then back home for the final bit of packing and getting the house ready. I finally think I have everything together so load up the truck (leaving the VW in case Alice wants to drive) and head out to Kitty’s.

Ches and Kitty are already packed so we dump my stuff in her can and of we go. We check in without any issues then get a drink and a small lunch. By the time we’re done that and security it’s about time to board so we walk out to the plane and off we go.

Arrive at Charlotte with no issues and wander around for a bit. Get a light snack then just hang out by the exit gate. Security guard walks by as we’re taking a picture so he joins in as well! About to board (plane mostly filled) and we discover we need to get a signature first so out of line then back in. We get two seats together on the plane and one across the isle. Luckily no one had the seat next to the single so Ches got two seats and a window to herself and Kitty and I sat together.

The nine hour trip wasn’t too bad – Dinner and a small breakfast. We watched Indefinable together then tried to sleep. Probably got an hour or so…

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