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balcony outside my bedroom

my bedroom (w/ Marie)

Our bathroom

their bedroom (Sara & Anna)

Their bathroom

living room/dining room


eat-in kitchen

Curtain leading to front door

balcony out front of apt.

Balcony out fron (& side) of apt.

View from balcony in to window (with Anna & Sara)

balcony outside our bedroom

After our roommates FINALLY arrived last night (around 10:30), our wonderful landlord took us all out for dinner in Fiesloe, which overlooks the whole of Florence. The restaurant was lovely, and we all shared five courses (all vegetarian). We had spinach and ricotta ravioli, gnocchi, and linguine with tomatoes and peas. We also had verdure fritti (fried veggies), as well as grilled veggies and bruschetta. And, of course, a large bottle of chianti.

This morning, our landlord brought us fresh pastries from the bakery down the street for breakfast before we all had to go to orientation. At orientation, they told us when and where our classes would be held, and a whole bunch of general info about Florence, safety, the school (CAPA), our apartments, traveling, etc, etc. Afterwards, they took us on a walking tour of Florence and showed us all of the places (a pizzeria, a deli, a bakery, a bike/scooter shop, etc) where we could get discounts for being CAPA students. After a short walk around with my roommates, and a little bit of shopping (although, believe it or not, I have yet to actually buy anything) we all returned home for snacks, wine, and a little relaxation. Oh, and we all took pictures of the apartment before we messed it up too badly. So here they are, even if they are not very good...

Also, I forgot one very important thing- tha address I gave in the last entry IS where I actually live, but if anyone would actually like to send me anything, it is apparently easier if you just send it to the CAPA office, so hear is the address:

Jessica Lutz

c/o CAPA

Via Pandolfini, 2050122 Firenze


They also told us that it would be best if we did not receive any food, as it is usually taxed outrageously in customs. But if you would like to send me ANYTHING (photos, postcards, letters, etc), I am more likely to actually receive it if you send it to this address. THANKS!

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