2015 Southwest Trip travel blog

Gorgeous pool at Wine Ridge RV Resort.













View from Dan's computer...not too bad.

Finally got back on the road today with a shining, newly detailed coach, new exhaust system, and all new hoses. It turns out it was leaking not only engine oil, but also coolant and hydraulic fluid. Dan saw that the tailpipe was rusted out when he crawled under the coach. It turned out that the muffler was also rusted through, as were the exhaust pipe and the brackets holding everything in place, which they said could damage the turbo. Since all of the problems we've had are related to rusted-out fittings on hoses, he told them to replace ALL of the hoses and piping that were badly rusted, whether leaking or not, so they replaced 8 or 10 hoses, which were just ticking time bombs. We feel a lot better now knowing that everything is new.

Was an ever-changing scenario along the road to Barstow, again. Gorgeous!!!

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