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Views from Assos

Assos Temple to Athena

Adorable stone town lined with touristy stalls

Local woman takes care of the restrooms

Posing in one of two Roman at Ephesus

Impressive colloseum

Nice shot of Fran at the top of a long Roman road

Overlanding chums make an appearance on an otherwise quiet Roman street

Roman toilets

Multi-storied wealthy Roman houses

Roman bath with heated tile flooring

View from the top of the houses

Mandatory library shot

Prostitute calling card or directions to the Synagogue? You be the judge.

Stork nests on random Roman ruins in the middle of Selcuk

Stork close-up with babies

St. John Basilica at the top of Selcuk

Turtles get in for free!

Renovations in progress

Beautiful views overlooking vineyards

Public water fountain in the center of town

Making good time on the truck, we were treated to a bonus stop at Assos, site of a Roman temple to Athena perched high on a hill. Breathtaking views and random ruins abounded, while the cobblestone town streets leading up to the site were lined with touristy stalls and Turkish women wearing traditional headscarves and baggy MC Hammer pants. After Assos wet our appetite for all things Roman, we revisited the extensive ruins of Ephesus (see our post during our Africa and beyond trip in 2008). This time Endeavor Overland provided us with a guide, making the trip much more interesting. For example, our guide explained that what we originally had over head was a prostitute's calling card was, in his opinion, probably a symbol for a Jewish synagogue instead. This time, we also planned to visit the Roman houses. On our last trip, we were frustrated by the additional admission charge to the houses, so we skipped them. Later I saw a picture of them in a book and decided to go back and see them on my own. So impressive! In all of our exploration of Roman ruins, we have never seen such well-preserved houses with mosaics, wall paintings, etc. on multiple levels. They blow Pompeii right out of the water. We used our free time to explore more of the Roman ruins in Selcuk, watching turtles at St. John's Basilica high on a hill (however did they get there??) and storks nesting in an aquaduct. What a wonderful town.

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