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Ferry from Europe to Asia

Asian harbor of Canakkale

Layers and layers of Trojan civilization

Horus keeps watch over the site

Trojan interlocking stones prevent earthquake damage

Trojan site overlooking the site of the war

Peering out from the top of the Trojan horse!

No Brad Pitt, but an impressive site nonetheless. Passing from the European side of Turkey to Asia, our first Roman ruin was the ancient site of Troy. Over 4000 years of civilization have been excavated at Troy; historians place the epic battle somewhere around Troy epoch six or seven, somewhere around 1000 BC. Trojan prince Prias stole Helen away from Greek king Menelaos, prompting him to join forces with his brother King Agamemnon and other Greeks (including Achilles and Odyseus) to wage war on Troy. After years of fighting, the Greeks pretended to flee, hiding their ships and leaving behind a wooden horse. Thinking the horse was a tribute to the gods, those gullible Trojans brought the horse filled with Greek warriors into their walled city. At night, the Greeks killed the guards, opened the doors, and ended up taking over the strategically located city of Troy. Troy was later expanded by Alexander the Great and then the Romans, who used an interlocking style of stone (similar to the Incas) to guard against earthquakes. Now a big wooden horse filled with tourists holds court over the site.

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