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Our first view of the tower.

The top is larger that we expected.

The strong base keeps it stable in the elements.

It seems really big as you get closer.

We had some really good weather in Paris.

This statue was on the bridge leading up to the tower.

Or is it a statue? I put some money in the cup...

Can't beat this view.

People love to just hang out here.

If you want to ride to the top get in line.

The walk up is cheaper but pretty steep.


The park that surrounds it is a good place to take in...

You can see the lights on the side that bring it to...


This site is about 5 minutes from our front door.

We were not sure if day or night is the best viewing...






Just as we decide to leave the lights start to do their...

They had three different light displays. We got video but are unable...

The Eiffel Tower is one of those sites all travelers feel they must see when they visit Paris. It would be easy to think that it can't live up to all that hype. But the test of time says it is worth looks at the from many different perspectives. It is great from a distance and from close up it is spell binding. Watching the people look at it is a whole other perspective. And of course the view at night may be the best.

Our flat in Paris was a 13 minute walk from the tower. We took the walk in day light and at night. Both were wonderful as you approached and got a feeling for the size and draw that it has. It is not the biggest tower like structure we saw, it was not the prettiest, it does not have any beautiful sculptures hanging from its sides, but it has something that makes you smile. It fits in Paris and really give you the Parisian feeling of the very old mixed with the new. Paris is constantly striving to be on the cutting edge of fashion and style. The Eiffel Tower fits so well in Paris because it does not fit at all. It is like the glass pyramid in the center of the Louvre. Old meets new and they have a strange unity that would not make sense anywhere else in the world.

The structure of the tower is like looking at a skyscraper before the siding is attached. Taken that way it is not all that appealing. But, it seems to be proud of it iron structure that was so ground breaking when first completed. It was the only structure of its kind. Built totally of metal and the tallest structure on record. It seem small now but at the time Parisians saw it as a huge eyesore. Many wanted it torn down. Well I think that opinion has faded with time, and has turned morphed into a national pride for France. The tower is truly one of the most recognizable structures in the world.

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