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Lunch place at Montinac

Roadside picnic place w nice house in background

Typicall charming village

Sorry about my silence. Touring is more tiring than I remember. Plus the Internet connection has not been robust. Enough complaining!

First, the food is heavenly. Always interesting choices. One cannot have a bad meal aboard. Each dinner is accompanied by a white and a red, different each day. Tuesday we had a "light lunch" at Siaurac a chateau and winery that has been in the same family since 1852. Lunch started with a tabbouleh that included,radish slices and quinoa plus a small roll like thing with a little savory stuffing. A cold cream of cucumber soup followed -wth a tiny breadstick. The entry was stuffed chicken thighs in a heavenly sauce an cold cooked veggie salad. Then cheese, 4 wonderful and different ones, followed by dessert - a filled cream puff kind of thing but not a cream puff and chocolate hazelnut gelato. As you can tell, life is good.

I'll tell you about my adventure of yesterday - my drive into the country. I got away from the car ental place late because the right hand (the counter man) did not know what the left hand (the reservationists that the concierge delt with the day befor) had done. Finally underway (in an Elf Renault, stick shift diesel) with gps. I found my way to my destination Montinac, with only one problem -making the transition thru several round-abouts between the 40 and the 89. Montinac had a market going on and street repairs, leading to VERY slow transit thru the town. all this meant that I missed Lascaux. Which resulted in sight-seeing thru the area which is pretty, quaint and charming.font de Gaume was somewhat of a disappointment. the drawings are faint, hard to see, color washed away and the group was larger than I had hoped. However the cave itself was interesting and the guide was good. Bottom line, I would like to take a vacation in the region.

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