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Marilyn & I started to Palmyra about 7:00 this morning.

We met Jennifer and Lauren at the appointed time and place and were greeted with huge smiles followed by mutual hugs.

Lauren chattered like a magpie all the way back to Hannibal.

We stopped at the Walmart to shop for groceries and supplies because we had so little to feed to kiddies.

We shopped, Marilyn found a new Pony-Tail Palm like the first one she liked so much. She decided to see if Jennifer wanted the larger one and she did, so Marilyn is a Happy Camper, now with a new small palm tree.

We made it back to the RV with the car loaded with food stuff, as well as bird seed, dirt, and the aforementioned palm.

We put things away, then I worked outdoors, continuing the set up chores.

Marilyn did laundry, then took her shower.

I fixed some lunch, then worked on my book project for awhile. Before I knew it, it was time for me to get a shower and put on some clean clothing.

Jennifer and Colby were on the way and then the plan was to go to the Hospital clinic for a free skin cancer screening.

Jen arrived around 4:00 and soon it was time to go.

Marilyn came out clean but Jennifer and I both have appointments for a biopsy. Better to make sure that all is ok.

Mine is scheduled for June 4th, so I should know the results before we head west to Colorado for the summer.

We stopped at “Subway” for a sandwich, on the way back to the campground. As soon as we arrived home we changed into our PJ’s, then settled down to relax with the TV and a good sandwich.

Tomorrow is another day with Lauren.

She says she wants to stay overnight with us so we’ll have to arrange that soon.

Life is Good!

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