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Double Rainbow over the Lake

The Other End of the Rainbow

Joey Thinks He Is Hiding !!!

Judy and Noah on First Communion Day

Judy and Noah

Noah's Beautiful Cake

It's Week 3 out of our 12 weeks of work and it's not too bad this year so far. It would be better if there were more Rangers working and from what I understand there are two more starting soon.


Check out the photos of the double rainbow we had the other evening. It was a full rainbow that went from one end of the lake to the other and came to the complete end at both ends and besides that it was a partial double one.


Also check out the photo of Joey being his usual self, the comedian. He does such the funniest things.


And last weekend was Mothers Day and I want to wish all you mothers a belated Happy Mothers Day. My Mom was a very special person in my life. There was absolutely nothing that she wouldn't do for me and my brothers and sisters as well as Dad. She was the greatest Mom in our eyes. I love You and miss you Mom.


Also last weekend was our one and only Grandsons First Holy Communion. It took place at Saint Thomas Aquinas church, the church Judy and I went to when we first arrived in Rio Rancho 20 years ago.

It was a very large event with standing room only and at least 200 people standing. There were at least 200 First Holy Communicants. We didn't have good seats for taking photos in church so when we got back to Noah's we took some photos. I especially like the one of Noah with his Grandma standing outside.


Noah's cake was fantastic too, not only it's decoration but it tasted good too. The artist that decorated it was talented. They did a great job on the hands. I could never have did a job like that.


The weather here has been kind of sucky lately but far better that the rest of the country east of here. I feel sorry for the ones in the paths of all the tornados and all the flooding. Tornados are the one disaster that scares me the most since we live in a box with wheels. It would do no good to hitch up and try to run because you never know which way to run. Like I said "They scare the hell out of me".


That's about all for now. Better weather is coming and summer will soon be here.


Happy Camping,

Bob, Judy and Our4dogs

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